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Changes from our country and around the world.



After much deliberation, we have decided to no longer continue with Dolphin World as it was originally created.  Because of changing situations in the country, exorbitant taxes, personal issues and beliefs, we have decided to head in a different direction and concentrate our efforts elsewhere.

Let us explain:

1) Although we are still living in Southeastern United States of America, we are quite aware of changes taking place all over our country and around the world.  Our eyes have been open for quite a while now and we see the attempted take-over of the American way, our constitutional breakdown and loss of our basic rights.

2)  We are now concentrating our efforts to seek out information for our fan base to learn and discuss the important issues regarding our basic inalienable rights, God given constitutional rights and the progression of the free republic of the United States of America.

3)  Although we are still successful in our private life, we have decided to concentrate on this new website, an e-paper, that will be a forum for the advancement of the American way of life.

4)  We will not pull any punches.  We will give facts and educated opinions in a blunt manner, so if you are expecting a politically correct or sensitive website, do not visit us here or on any of our sister sites. 

5) Just remember, we will give brutally honest factual information and sharp, critical editorial of everything and everyone.  We will not hold back. We will be in a constant state of flux.

6) Lastly, we are going to make this a fun venture and we don't expect much, except participation from our guest columnists and you!

We will be transferring our information to a more appropriate website in August, but until then, since we have this site active, come back next week and visit. 



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